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STD Testing Q&A


Getting STD testing on a regular basis is crucial to your health if you are sexually active. Here in the privacy of Dr. Madhav’s office you can get tested for STDs in a safe medical environment. Learn more about STD testing so you understand what to expect when you visit Dr. Madhav’s office.

What are the Most Common STDs Tested For?

The most common sexually transmitted diseases are HPV, genital herpes, chlamydia, gonorrhea, HIV/AIDS, and syphilis. These STDs are the most commonly tested by your OBGYN due to their prevalence. Early detection of STDs is the best remedy for treatment, and it also helps to prevent the spread of STDs among sexual partners. If you test positive for STDs you will need to contact your sexual partner/partners to let them know that they also need to get STD testing done, as well as treatment for likely STDs.

How is STD Testing Performed by Dr. Madhav?

Dr. Madhav typically begins STD testing with a Pap smear screen to see if you have any cervical cell abnormalities or visual signs of sexually transmitted diseases. He then provides various types of STD testing methods depending on the STD in question. For example, for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea Dr. Madhav will take a swab of your genital area, as well as a urine sample. For Syphilis and HIV testing a blood sample is typically used. High risk HPV, which is associated with increased risk of cancer of cervix, is screened during a Pap smear. Genital Herpes testing is typically done by swab from the genital ulcer. Trichomonal infections are detected by swab, or other techniques.

Do I Get Tested for STDs When I Go for an Annual Female Checkup or Pap Smear?

You may receive some STD testing when you go for an annual female checkup or Pap smear, but not a comprehensive screening. This is because certain STDs require blood testing or other forms of screening that do not involve a Pap smear. Therefore if you are going to see Dr. Madhav for your female exam or Pap smear and you want STD testing as well, make sure to inquire about this prior to your visit.