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Normal Pregnancy

Aiming to provide the best prenatal care possible that shows in the excellent outcomes  with safe deliveries for healthy Mothers and Babies

C- Section

Very low, extremely thin and nearly invisible scars. Almost painless procedure with fastest recovery possible

High Risk Pregnancy

Co- Manage and co-ordinate care with a Perinatologist (High Risk Pregnancy Specialist)

Quality Prenatal Care for your pregnancy. Q&A

Comprehensive Prenatal Care


Being pregnant and preparing to give birth is one of the most physically demanding events to happen to a woman’s body. Therefore you want to protect yourself and your unborn child with prenatal care. Dr. Harish Madhav is your Boynton Beach, Florida  OBGYN offering comprehensive prenatal care for you and your baby.

Why Should I Get Prenatal Care When I am Pregnant?

Whether this is your first child or your fifth you want to get prenatal care when you are pregnant. This is because each pregnancy presents its own risks and challenges. By going to Dr. Madhav for your prenatal care, you are able to detect problems with your pregnancy early on if they ever occur. This early detection is the safest scenario for you and your unborn baby. It provides Dr. Madhav with the greatest ability to help you have the healthiest pregnancy possible.

What is the Typical Schedule for Prenatal Care in a Healthy Pregnancy?

If you are experiencing a healthy pregnancy the standard of care to visit his office once per month during the first 28 weeks but Dr. Madhav sees his patients more frequently because in his experience this practice prevents late detection of complications if they occur. During the 28 to 36 week period you will increase your prenatal care visits to every two weeks, For the last month of your pregnancy, from 36 to 40 weeks, you will go to Dr. Madhav once a week. For pregnancies that are high risk you can expect to visit Dr. Madhav more frequently for prenatal care. Speak with Dr. Madhav concerning how frequent you should visit in your individual situation.

What Takes Place During a Prenatal Care Visit?

When you are pregnant, you want to make an appointment with Dr. Madhav for prenatal care. This should be done as soon as you suspect that you might be pregnant. Dr. Madhav can provide you with a medical test and or ultrasound to determine if you are pregnant, if the pregnancy in the right location and he will determine how far along you are. He will perform a physical exam, as well as a urine test to make sure your sugar and protein are within normal range for your pregnancy. During the prenatal visits you will also be given information about the growth stage of your fetus, along with information on what to expect during the upcoming stage. This is also your time to ask questions about your pregnancy