Birth control


Finding the right form of birth control for your family planning and personal health needs is important. Thankfully Dr. Madhav, provides birth control for his patients after extensive discussion of all options. Find out what you need to know prior to choosing your preferred method of birth control. Dr. Madhav's office is located in Boynton Beach but he regularly sees patients from neighboring areas 


Birth Control Q&A


What are the Different Types of Birth Control as Available?

There are many different types of birth control available at Dr. Madhav’s office. These include hormonal birth control, Depo Provera Shot, Intrauterine devices (IUD), sterilization, and barrier methods. The most popular form of birth control is hormonal birth control pills. However, IUD birth control is becoming more accepted in the US because it is the longest lasting, non-permanent form of birth prevention.

Female sterilization is the only completely permanent method of birth control, and it involves a surgical procedure. Barrier methods of birth control include male and female condoms, as well as sponges, film, and spermicidal foam. If you are interested in behavioral birth control, this is the least successful method. It includes the male partner pulling out prior to ejaculation.

Will Birth Control Protect Me From STDs?

The only form of birth control that can protect you from STIs is the barrier method using condoms. If you are having sexual relations with only one partner, make sure that they get tested prior to having sexual contact with you. To prevent yourself from contracting STIs, continue to use a barrier method even when you are using a different form of birth control, such as the Depo shot or an IUD. Sexually transmitted infections including HIV/AIDS are contractible with shared toys, as well, so use condoms when using these devices.

How Effective is Birth Control?

Every form of birth control has its own effectiveness rating. For example, consistent abstinence is the most effective, while the use of spermicide results in 29 pregnancies per 100 users each year. Some birth control methods take longer than others to go into effect. Additionally, certain forms of birth control can allow you to get pregnant soon after you stop using them, such as the IUD, while others including the Depo Provera shot can take a while for their effectiveness to cease.